Web Development agency specialising in WordPress

You’ve found the Bowl Hat, which is the trading name of Daniel Llewellyn, a freelance WordPress Developer.

Passionate about WordPress

We are passionate about web development and regularly support others as regular members of the official support chatroom. Our staff are listed as contributors to several plugins on the plugins repository. Bowl Hat even has two plugins that we wrote and maintain. Of the plugins that we maintain our favourite is the A-Z Listing plugin.


We have worked for varied clients from small charities through to large national and international corporations and NGOs. We have also even been involved with development for several of the UK Government’s many departments. Check out our portfolio for more detailed information about some of our clients and their projects.


Bowl Hat are able to build complete websites from scratch. All functionality is created by our in-house team for each project including the entire theme and any plugins required. Where third-party plugins exist for a purpose we use these before recreating the wheel. We publish code that we develop for clients as much as possible for anyone to benefit from.

Social Networks

I can be found on Mastodon, Twitter, Facebook and GitHub. I also maintain my profile on WordPress.org.