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Well, would you believe that Adobe have created an application which will connect to your blog using the XMLRPC system of WordPress? Nor did I, until I spotted a blog entry from someone using an earlier version. The entry itself just mentions the cryptic phrase:

At the moment, I’m using Contribute, which seems to be the easiest tool for this particular task

Jared Rypka-Hauer

A quick Google search reveals that the only “Contribute” of any worth is from Adobe. So, I fired up my copy and low and behold it has an option on the welcome screen to “add blog” (along with “add website”). Clicking this option opens a screen which allows you to choose a custom blog provider, along with three standard providers including and Blogger.

This very post is submitted via Contribute CS4, and I quite like it. Some of the rendering is a bit “off” though, such as my footer appearing at the top of the screen when editing a post, along with the accordion being fully expanded (again when editing a post). The nice feature of it, though, is that you can see your blog entry in the exact layout it will appear when posted. Contribute also supports Technorati tagging along with pinging of blog search engines.

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well, i am shocked that Adobe Contribute did that, i know that my old work place were interested in using that for different departments to add there own content to there main site, but that was many years ago now when contribute first came out – looks like its come a long way.

However, i think the blogging tool for contribute is a little over priced for what the package actually does, as with all Adobe applications you have to pay an arm and leg for something that others can do pretty well at a much lower price. I know i mentioned the application before, but Windows Live Writer actually does all that the blogging section on Contribute can but for free. Its also an ever so easy application to use, its now in my top 10 apps infact. But as you mentioned before the porting of the application to another OS is a little hard, something i think Adobe automatically write into there applications.

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