Adobe vs Apple

Sigh. Unfortunately, the Apple and Adobe war is getting more heated. Recently Apple released in beta form their latest version of the iPhone Software Developer’s Kit, which has been a requirement for developing for the iPhone thus far. Just two days prior to this SDK release Adobe launched their Creative Suite 5 applications which includes the facility to use Adobe Flash to create native iPhone applications without the SDK, even on Windows platforms.

Two days later and along came the Apple announcement. However, not all was good in Apple-land as the new SDK also included a new License Agreement that all developers must agree to before they can list their applications on the iTunes App Store. This new agreement has had a lot of press recently covering clauses 8.2.2 and 8.2.3 which effectively blocked any use of the new Flash-based tech that Adobe was so excited about just days earlier.

So, with this kick in the ghoulies by Apple to Adobe, the gloves had come off and the cold war had very much become hot. Now the next salvo in the battle has been fired, this time by Adobe: A new campaign with the poster with the phrase “We [heart] Apple” has been launched. You can see the Adobe support site at The site claims to be about “choice” and “freedoms”, but the subtext is clear to see, especially when you look at the posters:

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