AJAX disabled for the time being

I’ve decided to disable my ajaxblog addon, as I like to use google analytics to track what type of content is popular so that I can concentrate more on that kind of content in the future. Now, I have added google analytics code into ajaxblog but it seems that I’ve either mis-implemented it, or I don’t know how to read the results at (Either could be true, and both equally likely. :-p)

(NOTE: just noticed that event tracking of the kind I have implemented in ajaxblog.js is available on limited release only and therefore my account, and yours too if you were signed up, is not enabled to receive the data.)

If you still want to get a copy of AJAXBlog.js to mess with then it is available under the terms of the GNU GPL v3.0 (update 12 Nov 2010: I did not have the right to release this code under the GPL – see below). (Portions are copyrighted and licensed under different terms; see the source code comments for more information on the AJAXBlog_clsTimeTracker code.)

Update (much later, 12 Nov 2010): I realise on reading this back that I’m not allowed to use the GNU GPL to license part of the code, because the GPL would require reciprocal licensing of the AJAXBlog_clsTimeTracker code which I don’t have the right to relicense. Therefore, I must retrospectively apply the GNU LGPL v3.0 instead of the plain GPL.

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