Open Source. Really?

I’ve looked at possible cross-platform mobile device development frameworks, and came across Appcelerator a company with the product “Titanium”, which ordinarily is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. However, if at any time I decide I need extra functionality than that provided by the default product the Titanium+Plus modules such as the urban airship moduleĀ are […]

MisTagged Music

Over the years I’ve acquired a rather large music collection of about 100GB or 17000 files. Unfortunately a lot of these are badly labelled and categorised. Music files such as MP3 have the option to store so-called “metadata” or (information/data about data) which describes the music stored within the same file. This is the so-called […]

Linode and Corosync High Availability

I have recently been configuring multiple Virtual Private Servers, hosted at’s UK data-centre, into a highly available (HA) web-hosting and IRC cluster. My design required the use of a shared storage using DRBD, which is akin to network-based RAID Level 1 or mirroring. To allow two servers to be operational simultaneously while maintaining data […]


Warning: this is a random amalgum of what should really be separate posts. I have just finished going through the 600 or so queued up comments for my blog. The most heavily commented articles appear to be my OSX86 Snow Leopard post and, somewhat surprisingly my AJAX Blog post. This latter post’s comments were entirely […]