Channel Hopping Drugs Rant

This is a collection of random thoughts as I tried to get to grips with what I hated about the subject in hand:

While trialling out my new media centre setup (more on that in another post in a day or so), I was channel hopping and ended up on Sky1 with some documentary about a guy called Ben who ruined his life with heroine. I know I’m supposed to be all understanding, but how can someone destroy himself and those around him willingly. Now, I know that some people with mental health issues turn to drugs as a means of escape, where the drugs are just a symptom of a larger problem, but this guy seems to have absolutely nothing wrong except for the fact that he injects up to four times a day; and it’s this latter type of person that I really can’t hack: the Amy Winehouses of the world who screw up their lives just because they can! As someone who suffers from mental health issues myself, I can understand the desire to escape, but as I said this guy doesn’t seem to have any mental instabilities, so what does he have to escape from?

The rant above was about HARD Drugs, the kind that screw you over three ways from Sunday. I know people that take “recreational” so-called “Soft” drugs, but they don’t seem to be falling into the “harder, more, harder, more” downward spiral that the public perceive when they talk about drugs. So why do people with no prior disposition pushing them into the world decide to take these harder drugs knowing that it will destroy everything they hold dear if (when) they become addicted? Why not just stay with the less addictive recreational stuff?

Addiction is a nasty thing, and I understand that once you’re addicted it becomes harder and harder to ween yourself off. That’s why I’m a great proponent of the “why tempt fate?”, especially when there’s so many horror stories about what hard drugs do to your physical wellbeing.

I never have, nor am I inclined to consider taking any kind of “street” drug, be that recreational or hard. I have enough troubles with my mental health that taking drugs will just make matters far worse. Especially when you consider that those with predisposition are even more likely (even those without said disposition are quite likely) to end up with schizophrenic symptoms when they go down the hard drugs route.


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