Fancy Pants!

This is how my blog will appear in Safari and Firefox (I think version 3.0 and above of both browsers). Click the thumbnail below to see the image full-size. (I’ve only taken a snapshot of the important parts, so you should be able to view the image even on small screens without too much scrolling about.) The red text is added after I took the shot and describes what you’re seeing.

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I love the new layout my dear friend, I think the new background really complements the site as the plain blue was a little, well, plain. I think you are turning into a wordpress genius in your own right, not like you wasn’t before. Only slight comment i will make is this is the second comment i have now posted, the first got deleted because i didn’t see the “name” field which is down on the left hand side, i’d somehow try to move that to the top of the post comments part so its all visible.

Other than that my friend, i love it! :D

That all depends on how how many columns are displayed (based on how wide your browser is) and how much content (plus previous comments) is in the post. You’ll note that different posts have different amounts of the comment form on the left/right (and possibly middle if your browser is particularly wide) columns.

On another note, MS IE 7 is still broken (or rather is broken again), meaning that you can’t see the main content at all. Also you get javascript errors when you try to scroll the main content (which is invisible) with your mouse’s scrollwheel.

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