I can relate to what CuBeZeRo says in his blog entry “I’m so unfit”:

I was helping to move my sister into her new flat today, I had a look around and the place is really nice, only thing i do not envy is the 3 flights of stairs to get up there every time. I was worn out carrying the first box to the top. By the time we had finished, I was soaking wet from sweating so much and just wanted to lay down.


Since starting medication for depression way back in 2000 I’ve almost doubled in weight to about 21-stone. This means that I just cannot get around as easily as I used to. I find just walking any distance tiring, especially if I’m in a hurry. Still, even though I live on the second floor of my apartment building, I always go up the stairs. My legs are capable, it’s just my respiration system that can’t keep up, and I end up sweating if I exert myself too much. I find just moving a computer from one room to another a strain (though by computer I mean a huge Compaq ProLiant which weighs-in at about 65 lbs). At last check, my blood pressure was, surprisingly, only just a little elevated, so at least my heart is ok ;-).

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I have to admit i find my meds don’t affect my weight too much, but the eating of the comfort food does :S – mind you, i haven’t really put much weight on in a while, i seem to still be loosing it. When i was 20 years old i weighed in at 10 stone (anorexic) then i started my first and fav job and gained weight to about 14 stone – then when my depression hit i went up to nearly 18 stone through all the eating and some of the meds (alazapine – Anti-psychotic) but once i came off them and settled on my anti-depressants i noticed my weight started to lower. I know its wrong, but i try to spend more on cigs than i do food, that way i won’t get any bigger, but I also run the risk of getting cancer :S – at my last check, I was 13.5 stong and still dropping, my jeans are no longer fitting that well, they just fall off. I sympothize with what you are going through at the moment, and it takes a little effort to not eat food like pizzas and fizzy drinks and more healthy food like Greens and cabbage :S (i know, not the best foods but they do help) – still living at home i guess i have no choice in the matter as much makes me eat it (im nearly 30 for god sake) but fresh veg and fruit does help. As for exercise, well, unless you count walking to the toilet exercise, i do pretty well ;)

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