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You should have noticed a flash-based music player in the top left of your browser window when viewing this site. I’ve been rather clever with this, in that it will remember where the music had got up to when pausing and resuming playback. Also of note, is that if you click the pause button a cookie will be saved that tells the player NOT to start playback on the next page reload.

This means that once you’ve heard the piece of music and have got fed up with it, you can disable it for ALL future visits simply by clicking the pause button. I hope to also enable memory between page loads so that it will start off playback from where you had got to previously, thereby negating the effect of loading a new page causing the playback to begin from the start of the track again.

EDIT: The player now remembers how far through the track it had reached before a page refresh, so that it is almost seamless when loading a new location.

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