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I’ve not posted about this before now, even though the network has been operational for a few months now. I am a founding member of a new Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Network that allows anybody to talk with friends for free. The network is comprised of four geographically diverse servers, two of which are my own. The network is run by Nicholas “Cubezero” Weightman, David “Wellard” Fullard, and Myself (Daniel “Fremen” Llewellyn).

We operate using the open source InspIRCd software as the main controller along with “services” provided by the Anope software. (Services provide the facility to maintain control over your own name and rooms while you are not connected to the network.) We have tried as best we can to create a highly redundant system that allows for any one server to go offline without adversely affecting the chat experience.

To connect to the network, you can either use the Web-Based interface at or you can connect using an IRC program such as mIRC ( or XChat ( The details you need to use these programs are:

Server Name:
Port: 6667

FreeChat IRC Connection Details

The servers can also all be accessed directly using either,, or Wellard offers other services besides just IRC at his site Cubezero also has more besides just IRC at

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