Google Buzz

So, Google have launched their new Social Networking site Buzz. And in doing so have opened their users to privacy leaks, as reported by the BBC ( Google are taking the user’s (read: “privacy activists'”) views into account and have set up a war cabinet to get the privacy concerns ironed out as soon as possible. The BBC report tells us Google representatives have indicated that they have already implemented some changes and others are due to go live within the week.

Personally, I quite like the new Google service, but then I’m a Google fanboy. In fact, I prefer Google over Apple, but only for software and services; Apple still make the best hardware that can be found. One gripe I had with the Buzz service is that it will link to your Twitter account and cross post your twittering into Buzz, but the reverse isn’t part of the Out-Of-The-Box experience. Instead, I had to sign up to a third-party service) to have my Buzz posts sent to Twitter. With this third-party service, however, it seems that it isn’t real-time or even a small delay. I’m wondering if only new buzzing gets posted, and not replies to Buzz entries that you may make.

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