So, I managed to turn my snazzy HTC Magic into something as useful as a brick, which can’t be used for building with. Hint, if you’re going to flash a new SPL to your own rooted HTC Magic, then make sure it’s compatible because if you get the wrong file you’re screwed! Also make sure you’ve done your homework and do things in the correct order. I’m unsure whether I flashed the wrong image, or if I required the radio update to have been flashed before the SPL. Either way I now have a completely screwed phone that won’t even power on. The lack of response to keypresses to turn the unit on means, also, that I can’t get into fastboot to reflash the original boot rom. So, useless!

And so, I phoned Vodafone to determine what my next course of action should be, which was suggested to me to be turning the phone over for repair or replacement with a refurbished unit. These options meant that I would still have an HTC Magic, which some might think is a good thing. However, Vodafone now stock the iPhone!!! And thus, I decided to shuffle my finances around to make room for a nice shiny iPhone 3GS 16GB.

Boy am I not disappointed, albeit that I only got the phone today (Weds 20th Jan 2010). I’ve installed the mobile version of Colloquy the IRC application, and Facebook, so far and played around with some of the inbuilt features. Compared to the Magic, this phone is so fast! My Magic would take a few more seconds to think about things such as rotating the phone to landscape. On the iPhone, you rotate the phone and the display keeps up with you, whereas on the Magic you would rotate the phone and the screen would dim for a couple seconds while it thought about rotating the view.

Comparing Colloquy to AndroidIRC, I prefer the former, due mostly to the way that the keyboard doesn’t obscure the chat view while you’re typing a message. This means that I can carry on monitoring the room while typing my reply and can respond to things said after I activated the keyboard.

Overall, I prefer the iPhone to my Android 1.6-based HTC Magic.

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