minor improvements

I’ve made a few tweaks to my blog’s theme. The changes include:

  • adverts in the header alternate between Google and Amazon and disappear off the top of the screen as the user scrolls down, so as not to interfere with reading.
  • adverts to the right of the sidebar, again so as not to interfere with reading or navigation. Again, these are random AdSense and amazon.
  • sidebar made position: static so that navigation is always visible
  • footer made position: static so that copyright is always visible
  • sidebar panels shrunk so that smaller displays are supported
  • sidebar width is now controlled differently – left: 67%; right: 160px; that way the right of the sidebar will never overlap the adverts (or the adverts overlap the sidebar) and the sidebar will always appear exactly butted-up-against the content pane.
  • finally, the content pane has been split in two for ├╝ber-recent browsers (Safari 3+, Firefox 3.1b3+)

2 replies on “minor improvements”

I’m assuming, due to its webkit heritage, that google’s chrome web browser will also display the new two-column content panel.

it would appear that the fotobook album pages are broken with the new changes.

ok, it would seem that the two column layout is in fact visible in the latest 3.0 series of firefox (stable), so that means that it’s only opera and IE users that can’t see the new design to it’s fullest extent.

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