When it comes to day-to-day computing THM likes to use many operating systems depending on his mood and what he currently has installed. Usually THM will just go with whatever is currently running on his desktop computer and run with that. However, this often leaves him feeling somewhat constrained by whichever operating system was active [...]

GPL2 vs GPL3

THM has been thinking about the GPL and it's forward provision clause. Some projects are refusing to update their licensing from GPL version 2 to the latest version 3. The most notable of these projects would be the Linux Kernel. Linus has stated previously that he believes the GPLv3 forces signing keys for DRM and [...]


BEWARE: There is a group telephoning unsuspecting computer users telling them that they have a virus/trojan infection on their PC. They claim that they are calling from Microsoft and that you have sent them error reports as part of Windows Error Reporting feature that they have used to identify said virus. To prove that they [...]