NOTE: this is a repost, the original post has disappeared.

As Bender the robot from Futurama would say: OH.. YOUR.. GOD!! I found links to MP3s of popcorn!!

For those of you that have never heard of popcorn, listen up.. Originally composed by one Gershon Kingsley, popcorn is one of the all-time greats. This track is instantly recognisable, and has been covered umpteen times. I foundĀ a site with 79 different cover versions of this Popcorn music track.

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  1. Nice, I was wondering what happened to that – I like the Prodigy 1999 remix… lol

  2. I had noticed a steady trickle of hits being referred by the original trackback from 2007, so I figured I should actually put some content at this address for people who were coming here looking for it.

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