Police and Crime Commissioners Election 2012

This site was built for the November PCC Elections in many English and Welsh police forces. The PCC programme is a means to allow public oversight into the police and their methodologies. A PCC is an official who is answerable to the electorate.

I was heavily involved in custom programming for this project along with design implementation. I also administered the server(s) used to provide the site along with my colleagues. This project required maximum scalability to cope with news coverage causing a slashdot effect.

Daniel Llewellyn
Full-stack WordPress Developer
As a technology lover, I enjoy most things technical such as Computers (both operating and more advanced uses), Mobile Phones and Games Consoles.
I have extensive retail experience and have acted as Team Leader for front-end departments (checkouts). In my retail roles, though Customer Service in these forward-facing positions is essential, I have also taken on official Customer Service responsibility from time-to-time as required.
My current focus is Web Design and Development utilising PHP, MySQL, HTML and Javasacript. I have a varied knowledge that can be tailored to suit many technologies with PHP being a particular strong point.

Web Design
PHP Programming
Javascript Programming
Mobile Optimisation
Systems Administration
Basic knowledge of database servers.