The College of Policing’s Authorised Professional Practice

Authorised Professional Practice

Police and Crime Commissioners Election 2012

Police and Crime Commissioners

This site was built for the November PCC Elections in many English and Welsh police forces. The PCC programme is a means to allow public oversight into the police and their methodologies. A PCC is an official who is answerable to the electorate.

I was heavily involved in custom programming for this project along with design implementation. I also administered the server(s) used to provide the site along with my colleagues. This project required maximum scalability to cope with news coverage causing a Slashdot effect.

World Energy Council

World Energy Council

This was an ambitious project to present the World Energy Council’s global work to improve energy awareness and to provide a visualisation of their statistical data. I was primarily involved with the theme and layout development work which adhered strictly to the designers’ vision.

One particular memory of this project was my colleague’s long battle with the Raphael.js library and zero-length animations: he discovered when he moved his mouse rapidly over a chart that parts would end-up in the wrong state. It took my colleague several hours of diagnosis only for him to slap their head when my fresh pair-of-eyes spotted the issue in a few minutes – sometimes it is useful to not be invested in a particular problem to be able to see the wood for the trees; if I were in their shoes I’d have bashed my head just as many times against the brick wall only for someone else to come along and make me see that which I couldn’t previously.

This incident helped me understand the importance of having colleagues you can collaborate with when you hit a bump in the road.


R. Llewellyn Electrical Contractors

R. Llewellyn Electrical Contractors

R. Llewellyn Electrical Contractors are a small firm of Electricians, Hampshire. They can install a wide variety of electrical equipment from wiring-in factory machinery to fitting a new bedside lamp. Specialities include installing Solar Photo-voltaic panels to enable you to generate your own electricity and the new VPhase voltage regulator system which helps reduce your ongoing bills.

R. Llewellyn Electrical Contractors also design and install bespoke Garden and Architectural lighting systems highlighting natural and structural features.

We were tasked with designing and hosting their website. Our design allows the use of R. Llewellyn Electrical Contractors’ own photos to show off their range of skills and services available.