I’ve now put the final changes on the first incarnation of my new site (on an old domain). This new site is for my own company called Bowl Hat. Initial product offerings I’ll be providing via this site are Adobe Photoshop PSD to HTML conversion and Adobe Photoshop PSD to WordPress Theme conversion. I’ve still to decide upon a pricing tariff, but I shall notify everyone via this blog when I’m settled. I hope to be able to undercut some of the market leaders in this sector, which is quite a tough target to achieve while also getting a reasonable turnover.

In the future I will add an ordering system to the XYZ Network website so that people can upload their PSD file and have it placed into my work queue. When I’ve completed the work, I will then upload the zip file to my site and mark the job as complete so that the client can then download their design. This system should allow for long-term storage of the designs so that if the client loses their copy, they can always come back to and download both their original PSD and the completed HTML files.

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