QDos – New boy on the block

It looks like there’s a new social network emerging. This one is different, though, in that rather than you putting content onto their system, they trawl the internet looking for references to yourself or your email address. You can also provide hints as to where you hang out, e.g. your facebook/myspace/linkedin profile pages, your homepage and so on. The system then checks how active you are, and how many people’s lives you influence. This all gets put into a big calculation which determines your qDos score, and allows you to compare your life online to that of famous folk or your friends (if they’ve signed up).

Here, below (and in the sidebar), you can find my own qdos score, which will be updated weekly, but I don’t hold much hope of it changing much in an upward direction as I’m quite reclusive except for IRC. (Perhaps I should suggest that they support IRC in a future iteration of the service?)


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