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So, Deadpan110 (Martin) is fiddling around with a new theme for the Free Blog service that will hopefully replace all the current themes with one super theme.

The idea is that we utilise a single base theme that isn’t enabled for any user to select in their control panel. Then we create a sub-theme of this which includes all our custom functionality, but only the custom functionality. The sub theme then delegates most of the display to its parent which includes thirteen widget areas such as you would normally get in a sidebar in lesser themes.

These thirteen areas include before and after the page content as well as four sidebars. Combine this with the newly enabled Custom CSS functionality that we support, and you have yourself a very customisable environment for our users. I shall be switching my own blog over to the new theme framework as soon as it seems plausible that I can achieve the same, or similar, design to that I have now.

I really like my current design, which happens to be a stock theme rather than one that I’ve coded up myself. Which means that I’m not focussing much attention on ThemeDeFrem now. I might still finish, or start in earnest, my Adobe Flash-based theme that uses the ASTRID HTML renderer and framework.

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