Twitter.. Flutter..

and Shttr? (is that last one ‘shitter’?)

The above video definitely does well at parodying the whole thing with Internet crazes. It seems that once one person comes up with a good idea suddenly everyone and his dog wants to get in on the action. What nobody seems to have twigged with twitter, though, is that they still haven’t come up with a viable business model to shore up the hemorrhaging of cash. They’ve only lasted this long, IMO, because they’ve had huge injections of venture capital throughout their life, and not because they have a reliable means of income from their service.

But I still use the service, even if it’s just via direct “twamming” of links to my blog. I’m actually signed up to many social networks, but don’t actually have many “friends” on any of them except FaceBook, which happens to be where all my old school classmates congregate. I have my blog engine (wordpress mu) notify FaceBook and twitter about new blog entries as I post them. Then I have other social networks also pick up the details somehow, such as Bebo displaying my twitter twit feed.

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  1. Great idea, I\’m going to start my own that uses double the allowed amount of Twitter characters tailored towards users with a speech impediment.
    320 characters and call it St-st-stutter :)

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