UPDATE: see my new post here: http://thehoneymonster.net/2010/02/osx86-snow-leopard-hackintosh/ Wowzers! After I had my mac mini arrive just two weeks ago, I've been impressed no-end by the OSX operating system. So much so that, now that I'm sending my mac mini back for an upgrade under the 14-day remorse period (they upgraded the mac mini line on [...]

Mac Mini

So, I finally joined the “dark side”, and had my new shiny Mac Mini arrive via DHL this afternoon. It’s a funky lil machine, and much quieter than my Desktop PC with it’s many cooling fans and über-powerful nVidia GeForce 8800GTS graphical card. The mini was very simple to set up and I was up-and-running [...]


I've been working increasingly on Windows Vista, as my desktop system's Linux support is very minimal at the moment. The only Linux distro I've managed to get running on it so far is the *buntu series (7.04), but the Ubuntu binary nVidia packages are missing libwfb or some such which is required for the GeForce [...]

Evil Car

OK, I got this link off threenine in IrCQNet's #computers channel. When I saw the car, I almost vomited. Yes, it truly is that vile. I still can't look at the image, even knowing what it contains, without feeling queasy and needing to turn away. This car really is the epitome of bad design. As [...]


Yesterday, here in the UK, we had Local Elections. Not all the results are in, but it appears that the Labour Party (who's web-site appears to be broken at time of writing) has taken a complete bashing with the England share of votes predicted to come out at 27%. This is only 1% higher than [...]


NOTE: this is a repost, the original post has disappeared. As Bender the robot from Futurama would say: OH.. YOUR.. GOD!! I found links to MP3s of popcorn!! For those of you that have never heard of popcorn, listen up.. Originally composed by one Gershon Kingsley, popcorn is one of the all-time greats. This track [...]