Adobe: WHY?!

The topic of this post begins with Adobe. And ends with more frustration. Yes, I'm fed up of Adobe claiming to be the Web Developer's go-to guy for software to enable advanced techniques in building the future Web. Actually, I'm fed up with them claiming that and then conspicuously ignoring a large part of the [...]

Computing for an older generation

I came across this video and just had to share it with someone, but I had more to say than would fit into Facebook or Twitter (and who uses Google+?!) I love that he is so excited that he can barely speak. It's absolutely great that someone from one of the older generations (read: [...]

Open Wireless

I along with countless others have opened a wireless network to allow strangers access via an internet connection that I pay for. I charge a modest amount which helps towards my internet charges (but doesn't completely negate them), but primarily it's open to allow others access when they would ordinarily be unable such as due [...]