When it comes to day-to-day computing THM likes to use many operating systems depending on his mood and what he currently has installed. Usually THM will just go with whatever is currently running on his desktop computer and run with that. However, this often leaves him feeling somewhat constrained by whichever operating system was active […]

THM has been thinking about the GPL and it’s forward provision clause. Some projects are refusing to update their licensing from GPL version 2 to the latest version 3. The most notable of these projects would be the Linux Kernel. Linus has stated previously that he believes the GPLv3 forces signing keys for DRM and […]

THM has been utilising the Drupal Content Management System for few of his other projects taken on board as part of commitments to the IND-Web.com WebHost and Bowl Hat Web Developer. These projects are due to go live soon, but THM doesn’t wish to publicise them just yet. (THM has just noticed that he has […]

THM supposes it had to happen, the inevitable iPhone against Android post. While THM has owned an android for approximately a year now, he couldn’t resist the lure of an iPhone and went out and bought one the moment they were available on the Vodafone network in the UK. He posted about the purchase and […]

As an active, but not necessarily keen, participant in the facebook and twitter social networking craze I feel that more should be done to allow me to have control over my OWN data. Why should I give up full control over, essentially, who I am as a person and who I like to be with […]

I’ve just placed an order for a pack of these “Alfa 9dBi WiFi Booster RP-TNC High-Gain Screw-On OMNI-Directional Swivel Antenna“. I will be putting them on my Linksys by Cisco WRT54GL Wireless-G Broadband Router which I’ve got set up as a public hotspot. I still need to tweak the iptables rules on the hotspot a […]

These instructions are taken from here and updated and formatted a bit by me. They assume that you are installing the server version of Ubuntu 10.04 and the release version of Citrix XenServer 5.6. First create a VM in XenCenter. Use the other install media template. Install ubuntu to your liking and reboot into the […]

BEWARE: There is a group telephoning unsuspecting computer users telling them that they have a virus/trojan infection on their PC. They claim that they are calling from Microsoft and that you have sent them error reports as part of Windows Error Reporting feature that they have used to identify said virus. To prove that they […]

I’m currently working on getting OAuth and OpenID working on my blog so that I can use my URL as my identity to be used for logging into websites such as Facebook or Twitter. Both of these sites along with numerous others allow you to use your login from another website to authenticate yourself with […]

OOPS! With some minor tweaking to the CSS that determines how my site looks when viewed in a web browser I managed to completely kill all clickable links. The good news is that I’ve since spotted the mistake and have implemented a fix. The issue was with the “view in mobile” text at the very […]