Sugar Puffs

The owner of this site is named after the Honeymonster, a character devised for marketing Sugar Puffs in the UK (now renamed to Honey Monster Puffs).


Sugar Puffs is a breakfast cereal made from wheat and glazed in honey and brown sugar.

The Honey Monster was first seen on TV in 1976 in an advertisement created by John Webster of the advertising agency BMP. The ad focused around a nutritional message which was illustrated by a “mother” (played by Henry McGee) and “child” (the Honey Monster) relationship. The mother was responsible for what the child was eating. The child wanted honey and would cry “Tell them about the honey, mummy!”.

In the late 1980s, “Sugar Puffs” adverts featured the slogan “You’ll Go Monster-Mad For The Honey”. These adverts portrayed children trying to get access to a packet of Sugar Puffs with someone or something then preventing them from getting the Sugar Puffs. The children would then cry “I Want My Honey!!” and they would then turn into the Sugar Puffs Honey Monster and thus get the Sugar Puffs.

There were a number of settings for these “monster-mad” adverts. The adverts themselves were:

  • “Breakfast time”: Where a boy tries to reach a packet of Sugar Puffs on a fairly high cupboard.
  • “School History Class”: Where a class of children turned into the Honey Monster after seeing a Sugar Puffs delivery lorry pull up outside their classroom.
  • “Boyscouts”: Where three boy scouts turned into the Honey Monster after their tent zipper failed to undo properly.
  • “Fairground”: Where a girl tried to win a packet of Sugar Puffs at a hoop-throwing stall.
  • “School Tour”.
  • “Desert Island”.

After these adverts, the Sugar Puffs Honey Monster was then seen in adverts in which he was depicted playing soccer and also as a James Bond-style hero.

The above text was abridged from the Wikipedia article “Sugar Puffs”, and the image is copyright Honeymonster Foods.

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