Who founded Bowl Hat?.. About Daniel

Daniel himself

Bowl Hat’s founder is known as, variously, The Honeymonster, Fremen, diddledan, or sometimes Daniel Llewellyn. His title, The Honeymonster, was appointed by his successful brother, owner of R. Llewellyn Electrical Contractors of Hampshire. Fremen originates from Frank Herbert’s series of books about the desert planet Arrakis, known as Dune. Diddledan is a pun on his stature similarly to The Honeymonster where “diddle” is a cutesy word for small which Daniel most definitely isn’t.

Daniel is now into his 30s and fears that his hair is receding far too rapidly for someone so young. Yet when he looks at his brother who has lost a lot more hair than he and is only two years older, Daniel realises that it is inevitable that his brother and himself will be mostly bald before they reach their forties.

What does Daniel blog about?

Daniel’s Blog was originally set up to serve as a creative and ranting outlet but has since turned into mostly technical posts that none of his family or friends really care to try to understand. He has recently come to the decision to try to focus the site a bit tighter towards the aspect of web hosting, web development, and related technologies. Passionate about WordPress, PHP, and Javascript, he is also passionate about the web platform and using Web Components and Polymer.

So what about Bowl Hat?

He set up the Bowl Hat entity to corral his online activities under a brand that allows for a more professional image when working on business websites for clients.

Which Sites has he created?

Daniel has worked on several online properties, both under his own name and via Bang Communications, some of which are listed in our Design Portfolio.

Why does he talk about himself in the Third-Person?

While Daniel often talks openly about other people, products and services he feels self-conscious when talking about himself and therefore likes to add a level of abstraction between himself and the reader allowing for more freedom in openness. This abstraction takes the form of a third-person writing on his behalf… Either that or he just liked the style when writing this page.

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